Random Drawing Prizes

2023 Short Par 4 Fall Classic random drawing prize winners have been announced!

Check out the table below to see if you are one of our lucky winners! Please see your Flight Coordinator with a photo ID at the golf course to claim your prize.

FlightFirstLast Prize
4KenaForeman2024 SP4 Free Entry
8RayPeroneTaylormade Stealth 2 Driver
10ChristopherReillyTaylormade Stealth 2 Driver
10FalishaBuseTaylormade Putter
3TyGwennapTaylormade Putter
12TimGwennapTaylormade Putter
2RandallJarrattTaylormade Putter
10DanielMcLaughlinTaylormade Putter
10Paul WooleverTaylormade Putter
7Michael RChurchDozen ProV1s
10Chuck Fuqua Dozen ProV1s
11Jim SimsDozen ProV1s
4JohnTomaselloDozen ProV1s
5RussellWolfeDozen ProV1s
3DanielAyers$50 Amazon Gift Card
6JeffBridges$50 Amazon Gift Card
11LynnBunn$50 Amazon Gift Card
7SamuelCarpenter$50 Amazon Gift Card
3MatthewClawson$50 Amazon Gift Card
1JamesCole$50 Amazon Gift Card
4PAULCONNELL$50 Amazon Gift Card
10BruceGlass$50 Amazon Gift Card
9AlvinHigh$50 Amazon Gift Card
9BobHileman$50 Amazon Gift Card
12RickLetourneau$50 Amazon Gift Card
5MarkLiberatore$50 Amazon Gift Card
3JeffMcCann$50 Amazon Gift Card
3HeathMinger$50 Amazon Gift Card
1BJNewbern$50 Amazon Gift Card
8TonyReadwin$50 Amazon Gift Card
9JamesRiordan$50 Amazon Gift Card
2DavidRohrich$50 Amazon Gift Card
8Scott Townsend$50 Amazon Gift Card
8ChristianTrejbal$50 Amazon Gift Card
2Jerry Ullmann $50 Amazon Gift Card
12BillValinski$50 Amazon Gift Card
5LanceWalter$50 Amazon Gift Card
7TomWilliams$50 Amazon Gift Card
5Rod Wishart$50 Amazon Gift Card
5MikeDacey$50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
3CoreyDuncan$50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
11darrellduncan$50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
11BruceDuncan$50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
4Jeff Fell $50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
6Johnny Page$50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
10AndrewRichardson$50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
11LaurieRivard$50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
3PhillipSwift$50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
11EdwardWatson$50 PGA TOUR Superstore Gift Card
10MichaelCarlsonRevo Sunglasses
5BillyGilpinRevo Sunglasses
10ArthurHewittRevo Sunglasses
2JohnJesterRevo Sunglasses
10Sherry JudeRevo Sunglasses
1AndyMcCormickRevo Sunglasses
9DonReedRevo Sunglasses
8AarneTIIKKALARevo Sunglasses
8SandiTullerRevo Sunglasses
9KathyWickerRevo Sunglasses
3AshleyBellSrixon Umbrella
1ChrisBraimSrixon Umbrella
7KevinKehoeSrixon Umbrella
5BenLeonardSrixon Umbrella
1MatthewLogsdonSrixon Umbrella
8Bob MartinSrixon Umbrella
7Deborah RichardSrixon Umbrella
11GaryWebberSrixon Umbrella
5JamesAntonakosFall Classic Driver Cover
8EdCarterFall Classic Driver Cover
7TomGibsonFall Classic Driver Cover
1Aaron GreenwellFall Classic Driver Cover
7JohnHarapkoFall Classic Driver Cover
7DanielHenrisFall Classic Driver Cover
3MikeKellyFall Classic Driver Cover
11SharonMcHughFall Classic Driver Cover
10JeremyRodkeyFall Classic Driver Cover
11AnthonyThurmondFall Classic Driver Cover
5TomHunter Srixon Toiletry Bag
2Joseph O’ShaughnessySrixon Toiletry Bag

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